Ted Lasso got me thinking

Have you seen the Apple TV series Ted Lasso? It is so hard to pitch but here we go : it’s about this American football coach that is hired to coach a football (aka soccer) team in the UK. If you’re not into sports, I probably lost you at football.

But so little of this series is actually about football. This series is about kindness. Absolute, over the top kindness. So much kindness, it’s hilarious.

The thing is, our society does not associate kindness with humour. Humour is often quite cynical, especially in these strange times. We make fun of our leaders, of our bosses, of our jobs, of ourselves. I have laughed to tears scrolling through the instagram account @mytherapistsays.
That is why this show completely caught me offguard. I laughed and I cried, I was touched so profoundly by all of this goofy, wholesome, non-toxic masculinity.

Kindness is an underappreciated quality. It is considered passive and unexciting. Yet for a long time, it was the only thing that mattered to me.
Growing up, I was a particularly anxious child. I was easily picked on at school, and I didn’t really know how to defend myself. I was scared of my teachers and the cool kids. I found refuge and security in the kindness of others. My mom always laughs because it is generally the first thing I asked about people. Est-ce qu’il est gentil ?

Ironically, I didn’t grow up to be a particularly kind person myself. That is not to say that I am mean. But I can be rough around the edges, perhaps as a defense mechanism. I have strong opinions, and a dry sense of humour. I am quite impulsive, and I am not soft spoken.

There are so many moments and quotes from this brilliantly written series that I can’t stop thinking about. There is “Nate the Great”, the individual books, biscuits with the boss, Keeley… So damn wholesome I want to have never seen it and rediscover it endlessly.

Ted Lasso got me thinking about the child I used to be. The one that was too sensitive, too scared, too impressionable. The one that valued kindness above all else. She is still very much in me. It’s high time I make her proud.

ça veut dire : Est-ce qu’il est gentil ?

Photo from Ted Lasso