Facing my biggest fear

So lately, I’ve faced my biggest fear : riding a bike in the city. Ridiculous, I know. But something about being so fast and so close to the ground at the same time just terrifies me. I wish I had an epic story to tell. A dramatic fall or a broken bone or a huge … Read More

La vie au ralenti

Quoi de mieux que de démarrer ce tout premier article par le sujet du moment : le confinement. Comment allez-vous ? Voila maintenant 3 semaines que nous vivons au ralenti et on aurait bien envie de profiter de l’arrivée du printemps ailleurs que dans nos appartements parisiens. Mais enfin. C’était la séquence banalité. Comme je … Read More

Ted Lasso got me thinking

Have you seen the Apple TV series Ted Lasso? It is so hard to pitch but here we go : it’s about this American football coach that is hired to coach a football (aka soccer) team in the UK. If you’re not into sports, I probably lost you at football. But so little of this … Read More